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Human Values

  • To understand and apply humanitarian values encompassing: Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Non-Violence, and Peace.
  • Not violating religious prohibitions
  • Sincerity and harmony in thinking, speaking and taking action


Business Ethics

  • Using the ethical norms prevailing in the community in interaction and management of business environment so that there will finally be “a sustainable mutual benefit”.
  • Also paying attention to various problems emerging in Garudafood’s business mission although formally this is not their responsibility.


Unity Through Harmony

  • To maintain harmony and unity with the business community internally (employees and shareholders).
  • To maintain equilibrium and harmony between the business aspect and other aspects


Speed and Leading Change

  • To maintain and raise the speed in the way of thinking and way of action.
  • To institutionalize changes properly and sustain ably so that there will be an added value for the company with technological power as its pillar


Working Smart in Learning Culture

  • Diligent, persevering, serious and consistent in the work one is involved in.
  • Emphasizing the process of swift, systematic and accurate working.
  • Invariably enhancing the method and quality of working through self-development in a culture of learning continuously nurtured by and along with the company.

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