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GarudaFood Group Greets Customers

September 16, 2014


Fransiskus Johny, CEO of Garuda Suntory Beverage (* black T-Shirt) and Rudy Brigianto, Director GarudaFood (* in red T-shirt ) greet and interact directly with customers in the area of ​​South Jakarta (13/9). Sympathetic action is one of the company’s commitment to improving the quality of products and service to consumers.

‘This event is a way for companies to communicate with customers and get feedback from them about the needs of consumers, consumer purchasing power, the opportunity to penetrate the market of food products and beverages in an area,’ said Fransiskus Johnny, CEO of Suntory Beverage Garuda. ‘Thus, the company can determine the situation and conditions in the field are more actual so that we can further improve the quality of services and products to consumers,’ he added.

GarudaFood Group has led the market in various categories, such as: brand Garuda for peanuts category, Okky jelly for drink based category, Mountea for tea-based beverage category and Chocolatos wafer stick to the premium category. GarudaFood Group also starting into the biscuit category with Gery brand and brand snacks with Leo. For the global market, GarudaFood Group focuses its business in ASEAN countries which are part of a long-term plan to become a regional player.

GarudaFood also in cooperation with Suntory Beverage & Food in the field of non-alcohol beverage business and established a joint venture company by the name of Garuda Suntory Beverage. This Joint Venture is one of the Growth Strategy through the Strategic Partnership, to strengthen the pace of both parties in beverage business and realizing the company’s vision and future Goal is becoming a leading soft drink company in Indonesia that offers a unique and alluring products with affordable prices. Currently, PT Garuda Suntory Beverage (SGB) has several categories namely: Jelly, tea, coffee and fruit flavor drink (fruit flavored drinks) with its flagship brand, among others: Okky Jelly Drink, Drink Koko, Mountea, Kopyes, Mirai Ocha de ‘koffie and MYTEA